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Real Life Saving CPR Stories – Classmates Resuscitate Fallen Friend

IT WAS JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PE CLASS at The Buckingham School in Buckingham, Bucks UK when during the usual rugby match Will Edgar-Gibson collapsed on the field. Without hesitation, Will’s friends Matt Grenham (@potatocalypse) and Chris Collins rushed to their fallen comrades aid…

“Unfortunately I don’t remember a lot because I lost memory, but I can remember going onto the pitch to play rugby” says Will.

Chris was the first to spring into action. “Will stopped breathing, at which point I began performing CPR”…

Having considerably more experience in First Aid and CPR than Matt stepped in and brought Will out of cardiac arrest. “I was a St. Johns Ambulance Badger for I God knows how many years, and after that I was an Air Cadet and their refreshes courses reminded me on how to do the first aid basically, which was vital. You don’t think, you act”

After Will was stabilized at the hospital, it was learned he had a rare heart rare condition called “Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome”.

Assistant head teacher Matt Wardle said “”They were very calm and mature about it and the fact we have two students confident enough to be in that situation, speaks volumes about their character.”

The original story appeared on back in January, but the boys were recently asked to share their story with the BBC, which aired yesterday.

We love hearing stories like this. Have one you’d like to share? Post your story in the comments below.

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