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Why First Aid is an Important Life Skill

Danger is inevitable, it can happen anytime, anywhere. That is why it is very important that you are prepared for any accidents, injuries, or even life-threatening situations. One of the best ways possible to keep you equipped in times of need is having first aid skills through training.

First-aid is an emergency care or treatment being given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained. This normally includes skills on applying pressure to alleviate excessive bleeding, putting up bandages or support to injured body parts, and the most common skill CPR or Cardiopulmonary (mouth-to-mouth) Resuscitation.

There are three key applications of first-aid that makes it a very important skill that needs to be learned and honed, even at the early age:

1.) Household safety

For instances of accidents at home, having a first-aid kit is very important. Normally, it includes bandages, gauze, alcohol, and pain relievers. There are also several first aid skills that are valuable to you and your housemates, especially your children. Teaching them at an early age may not just save them, but also you in times you’re the one who is at risk. Knowing the Heimlich maneuver in times of choking is a very important skill that may save lives. Don’t forget that it is also important that you know all the emergency hotlines available. First-aid effects are just for the emergency procedure and the relief is temporary. So, an expert medical assistance should still be prioritized. (Read our Blog about Why it is important to know the different hotlines)

2.) Work safety

Having someone who is knowledgeable in first aid is a must. Be prepared for such is important even at work. Knowing some first-aid skills may extend the consciousness of a certain ill or injured person. This is applicable in case an immediate access to medical support cannot be obtained.

3.) Disaster risk reduction

One more thing that is inevitable is the weather. You may never know how injurious or damaging a hurricane, flood, or an earthquake will be. (Read our blog about How to Prepare for the ‘Big One’). Keeping your first-aid kits with you and your loved ones will always be a must. Moreover, in certain cases of bleeding, bruises or dislocated body parts of your loved ones due to impact. Hence, knowing the proper way of putting pressure and leveling of the injured limb will be very beneficial.


First-aid skills might not be an absolute and an expert way of treating injuries and alleviating risks, however, it is still an important knowledge that may save or at least extend the lives of many as the needs arise. Many people suffer from heart attacks, loss of consciousness, severe wounds, burns, and even drowning, almost every day. That’s why being knowledgeable of the risks and the ways to give temporary relief to the person at stake through First Aid is very significant.

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