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About Us


At HealthForce our main mission is to help save lives. We do this by educating and training health and non-healthcare providers, as well as other interested parties on what to do in emergency situations.

Why HealthForce?


HealthForce Training Center is organized primarily to conduct training and skills enhancement programs, seminars, symposiums, meetings and other related activities, to continually improve, upgrade, and update professional and educational competencies of various health and non-health personnel in the community. These various training programs aims to empower health providers respond accordingly to people who suffer a catastrophic cardiovascular event in communities where health services are scarce. We believe that in continuous learning and training, more lives in the community will be saved.


In a wider scale, HealthForce has also its mission to educate and train non-health providers, like teachers, service personnel, security guards, drivers, rescue volunteers, college students, hotel and restaurant personnel, and other interested parties, what to do in many common emergency situations so as to be able to save more lives.


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