Healthforce prioritizes the safety of all of our students and instructors. We are closely monitoring the updates of COVID-19 and practice additional safety precautions. As we are part of the need for healthcare operations to be up and running, Healthforce Training Center remains open for in-person training and skills tests by limiting our class size to only 6 participant/s, prioritizing healthcare workers who needs the certification (especially Initials) to be able to report for work. If you are not a healthcare worker, or someone who needs the certification urgently, please consider to be rescheduled, attend the virtual class with pending skills test or move on a date later than July 1 2020. This will allow seats availability to our healthcare workers who needs it and be able to work particularly in special areas such as Ambulance, First Responders, Field Hospitals, Emergency Rooms and ICUs. 

During this time of increased concern with social distancing and avoiding public gathering.  Healthforce Training Center International USA and Philippines is offering Virtual and In Person American Heart Association Training Classes. Virtual Training is like a Traditional American Heart Association Classroom Course, but instead of going to one of our location, you will be connected to one of our Online In-classroom class with a live AHA certified Instructor via Zoom- Virtual Classroom. We will provide you a meeting ID after confirming your enrollment. Further instructions regarding virtual and in-person exam and skills test will be provided to you by the instructor.  After completing all requirements, you will be issued an American Heart Association Certificate valid up to 2 years. 

We are here to help you comply with all your certification requirements by providing you options like  

   1. Virtual Learning Classes + 1:1 in person skills test

   2.  Distance Learning Renewal + Virtual Skills with delayed in person Skills test.

   4. In-Person Classroom Course 

American Heart Association's

CPR Courses and Certifications 

HealthForce Training Center is the only training center in Mindanao thats credited by American Heart Association  and offers same day certification. Our mission is to provide a fun and stress free learning experience that can equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to be confident with their medical care and emergency situations.

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